Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hanging around!

"You want to sit outside and drink?"
"Outside is good."
"There you go..."
She passed the bottle of Bacardi to me.
As we sat in silence sipping white rum from the bottle, smoking our cigarettes on a cold winter night, there was this beautiful silence we shared.

"So, tell me something, L?"
I knew this was going to be a fun night.
"Well, there is not much to me. Except for my recent break up."
"I still haven't understood why did you break up... but... yeah... whatever."
We take another shot.
She continues, "So, G is the only man you have slept with?"
"Yes. And you?"
"Well, I have slept here and there but as of now I am on a dry spell."
"Well, I am sure I will be on that soon."
"Oh Shut up! Yours has just been a month."
"Exactly! And I have no idea when am I getting it next."
"Oh... that way."
"So, whats the scene with your ex?"
"Creepy. I was juvenile and then I just grew up but he didn't."
"Hhhmmm. What about the other men?"
"Well, I have had things here and there but no relationships."
"This one time, this guy went on and on about how he is so good in bed so I decided to give him a shot. It was the longest I had a sexual relationship with somebody."
"For some three months. But I had a deal with him that he was not supposed to fuck any other woman except for me. And he was like, 'So, how is this not a relationship?' I was confused but yeah, i did not want to be just another woman he fucks around with. The moment he decides to get over with this or wants to fuck someone else, either of us, this 'thing' between us would be over. And that was that."
"Thats neat."
"Yeah. I did not want any strings attached."
"I guess I do too and that is why I made the decision that I did."
"I was also dealing with my break up."
"Yeah. And it always takes a random fuck to make things easier."
"That is what we all like to believe but trust me, it never works."
"What are you talking? I have been excited about that bit the most, post break up."
It was time for another 'Cheer's' with a burst of laughter at that moment.
"But really, it does not work."
"I know it doesn't. I am done with sex."
"Same here. Making out is fun but sex is...."
"It can be boring. Making out is the funner part."
"I realised this while having sex with this one guy. I just wanted to get over with it."
"Happens. Just so many times. You wait for your man to cum and just get done with it."
We light up another cigarettes.
"But are you looking for a relationship?"
"I do not mind having one, now. But I do not think I am a relationship person."
"Fuck! I think the same." We hi fived.
"The initial bit is fun..."
"The phone calls. The flirting. The mystery. But later it just gets..."
"Yeah. Why can't relationships last that way."
"Sigh. How I wish they did."
"Maybe I am not interested in a relationship at all."
"I for one am NOT."
We sat in silence, thinking about what we just spoke.
"I think its hitting me. You?"
"Not yet."

And then from nowhere,
"Do you want to get married?" It really had hit her.
"My parents really want me to."
"Do you?"
"Not for the next 10 years, I guess."
"No wonder they want you getting married."
"Well, according to my dad, at 25 you should have kids."
"Biologically yeah."
"Yeah. But that is not my plan."
"You do not want kids?"
"I do. But only when I am done slogging my ass off and have worked enough as per my satisfaction."
"Why is that?"
"Because I want to be a full time mother whenever that maybe."
"I have a feeling you will make a good mother."
"If only I am able to give them what I have planned. I would like to give every second of my life to my kids and see them growing every minute in front of my eyes and not some nanny's."
"You want to give up your career completely later?"
"Well, maybe not completely, but to a great extent, yes. This is something that i can think of because this is what I have seen. I have had my mother 24/7 with me. Why would I not want to be with my children all the time? I consider mothering a full time job which needs to be given justice."
"But you do not have to marry to have a kid?"
"Yeah. I don't but I would like to. I would like having a partner with whom I can grow too. It is not going to be the kid growing alone in the house, after all."
"Do you like somebody else?"
"Not at all."
"Do you wanna fuck somebody?"
"Well, I was just mentioning this to my best friend, like a Fuck Buddy, but on a serious note, I do not. Told you, done with the sex bit."
I have touched myself only once in the past 1 1/2 months since I last had sex with G in Goa.

His friend joined us. We rolled. We smoked. We got stoned. We hogged. We slept.

But WTF do we women really want? No sex? No relationships? Kids? Marriage? Work? Biological systems? Sociological systems? What exactly is it that we are looking for? Forget about men, Will a woman ever know the answer to this or are we always going to hang around fucking our heads or just compromise on life taking it as it comes?

Life is fucking complicated for a woman.

Love 'n' Peace.



akd said...

yet another hilarious stuff from ur blog......

Americanising Desi said...

right now I really want to quit work and start something on my own. yes i need a man to get assholes off my back but that is about it and that is far from what i can get!

gett I am hanging around like you :(

Preeti said...

lol and my best freind had a similar conversation other day !! its just that we had it over phone ..and she was like .chal kahin chalte hain ...we sill stay together ...have babies without getting married n will take care of our babies ..and have bfs as and when we will love someoone ....nice idea ..but it wont work ...its a damn difficult world...

i also want to be a full time mother whenever tht will happen ...and no sex without love ...dry spelll about it honey !!! u have got company :)

Randeep said...

this s insane

Choco Lava said...

How can you remember entire conversations with such clarity? *ASTONISHED*

Sex without love speaks of desperation.

About complications. I totally agree. We need to know what we actually want ourselves first, then expect the other person to know it.

Life is all about rollin' on : )

sanely insane said...

so why do they call it 'making out' when if u do it outside everybody gets scandalized!!! :P

the ability to find answers lies in unbounding your thoughts...thinking within boundaries is what prevents us from finding answers...

for cum exhibition
could be an event where people exhibit cumming...or such a high quality exhibition that makes people cum (orgasm) event that is unless u unbind...your thoughts you'd never come to cumbersome :)

ok back to main topics...the reason for conflict is because people don't force rank their choices...they are not sure what is the price they are willing to pay for it...and hence they don't know a things value...

sanely insane said...

and hey...introduce me to this friend of sure she needs my help :P

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear akd,



Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear AD,

Sigh. Why can not life be painted the way we want to? :/


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Preeti,

I guess allot has to do with our upbringing. Most of us have been brought up by full time mothers and now things have changed so it just becomes so hard to decide for self as to what exactly do we want.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Randeep,

What is so insane about it?


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Choco Lava,

Sex without love is just sex.

Well, It is what I remember that makes it here. Somethings do stay in mind, after all. :)


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Sanely Insane,

It is only when you know your boundaries, can you think of crossing them.

I agree with thinking that deep. But is it really that important to always think of consequences? Sometimes instincts and guts also help.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Sanely Insane,

Dream on!

You stand NO chance, even if you meet her. :P


sanely insane said...

laga bet phir

Anamika Sureka said...

Hilarious :))..Nice visiting your blog.

Dej@vu said...

it was an opener to a new discussion!! ice one

Dm said...

lol @ "What are you talking? I have been excited about that bit the

most, post break up."

Hmm, I like it that you want to be a fulltime mom when you have a kid

of your own. It definitely sounds like a fulltime job to me .. and

kids do need all the attention and care..

aaaa...yah my biological clock is ticktocking rather loud!!! arggh

life is fucking complicated for us women.. we want everything at the

right time, right time being WHEN WE WANT IT! heh

and of course, no compromises.

sawan said...

try anoter drink next time. Bacardi is making u grls think too much!! :P

Pesto Sauce said...

Now reading a post like this makes me happy I upright

And you haven't done it in months, I can't be away for couple of days

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