Friday, January 16, 2009

Single Awareness Day - Blogathon Week

Valentines Day is about a month away and as most may not know it is also celebrated as S.A.D. "The Singles Awareness Day". So as a worshipper of love, Luscious Sealed Lips and The Sassy Spinster have decided to celebrate this Single Awareness Day with all of you in our own way.

We are announcing a week long (February 9th '2009 to February 13th '2009) Singles Awareness Blogathon. And we cordially invite each one of you to come be a part of this run for love. (You do not have to be "single" to be a part of this. You could be married, committed, engaged, in an open relationship or whatever to participate and celebrate Singlehood.)

How can you be a part of this?
Please e-mail or comment in the comment box, your
Blog Address (Blogger, Wordpress, Live Journal, all are welcome)
E-mail Address (This shall remain private)

Next step.
After you commit to participate by giving us your details. You will have to copy paste this announcement on your blog. This way we spread the word and invite more people. :)

1) You must update your blog with atleast one post on Singlehood between February 9th '2009 to February 13th '2009.
2) The post should be in English, preferably.
3) It HAS to be about the niceness of Singlehood. Any post which talks about the sad or dark sides of Singlehood shall not be considered. After all we are celebrating Singledom, isn't it?
4) The post can be of any nature. An anecdote, poetry, fiction or whatever you like. (But it has to highlight the beauty and advantages of singledom.)

What will we do?
On February 14th '2009, Sassy and I will check out all the blogs of the participants and update our blog with the list of links of all those who have updated. That way, we all can check out, comment and rate our favorites.

So, are you all ready?

On your mark... Get set... Go.....

Love 'n' Peace.


P.S. - Any doubts or questions, feel free to ask. Thanks! :)


Julia Scissor said...

It isn't fair to allow non-singles to participate. After all, can we do are the things that they do on 'their' days?

BTW, SAD is a nice idea. Visting your blog for the first time.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Julia,

Those who are not single today, must have been single yesterday, right? And it is about the spirit of Singledom. Something we all have enjoyed and should too, thus no discrimination.

It is open to all. Love can not be classified, anyway, right?

Thanks. I hope I will see you participating. :)


Jinxed Pixie said...

i m game for for it.... :D :D
single-dom is the best kingdom there is, what say???

Anonymous said...

Such a good idea! I am totally doing this. You can just list me as Saroj. I think you may already have my blog ID? Nonetheless I think this comment will link to my blog anyways.

The Rat... said...

Name : D Rat..

Tantrumzz of the Rat

i suppose u ll find my email id on my stat pg

T.Rex sent me here

singlarity - single hilarity said...

The ladies of singlarity - Nibby, RetroVixen, swampmusic and Ayn Rant would love to participate in your S.A.D. blogathon. We've each been supporters of S.A.D. for sometime now. In fact, we like making up our own special days just for the fun of it.

Chrys said...

Just figured I'd put a link back to my blog here, since it's not in this post. Or not working in my browser for some reason?

<3 Sassy Spinster

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Luscious Sealed Lips and The Sassy Spinster had announced a Singles Awarness Blogathon Week, from February 9th'09 to February 13th '09 to mark the celebration of the Singles Awareness Day on February 14th'09.

The Final participants of the S.A.D. Blogathon are Saroj, Single Hilarity, d Rat and Piyush Tainguriya, along with my co partner, Chrys, who updated her blog everyday through out the week.

Please do visit their blogs and read their special and interesting S.A.D. posts on Singleton.

Thank you!