Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jump and Fall

The World falls in two categories - One that is in Love and One that is looking for love. Who said Love was easy? Neither being in it nor looking for it. Specially, when ironically it surrounds you. We just fail to see it, always. And take the leap into the shallow side of the pool. Cause its just so safe to.

My friends are getting married. All of them together around the same time and the rest looking for the 'perfect' match. The one who will perfectly fit the family and who will be fun to be with too. By the end of the day, its all a matter of perspective. Its all about what you bring out of them. By the end of the day, is what you make of them and what they make of you. If its good, its meant to be. But then, who said rules apply? Who said making lists and ticking them off every time you meet someone for a date would make you love them. Its again just convenience. Its calculative (read Manipulative). Snap out of it!

I have made the mistake of mixing my logical reasoning mostly when it came to love, but then that is not love. Love is true when it takes over you completely. It takes over your life. In true Bollywood style, makes you sleepless, makes you smile and cry for no reason, makes you think of that special someone all day, every second (without exaggeration). Love is madness. It is maddening. You maybe aware or afraid of the consequences but how will you know whether you were right or it was just an assumption until you make the effort to find out. But no, we are too protective about our feelings. Just too scared to shed off each piece of emotion that makes us. That defines our true being. That we feel so deep within that we stay shut in our closets, layered in different emotional clothing. Believe me, the reason you feel hurt is because you are trying so hard to compress what is meant to be just OUT THERE. Something that maybe yours, but is for somebody else. Your heart is beating for you, but the moment you skip that beat cause of that someone, they have a right on that heart too. Go, give it off. What do we have to lose? What do we have to give anyway in this world, except love? The heart is not completely yours, anyway. Might as well offer it.

Believe you me, you will regret staring at the ceiling, lying on your death bed, not telling that someone you loved them. Even if it meant, loving them for just a day. You might lose the person, but your sweet memory will stay with them forever. You will eventually land in the place you desired. That special space in her/his heart, after all.

Just take that leap. Afraid of falling? Dont be! Cause unless you fall, you will never be able to rise and walk again. And if you feel unable to get up, someone will come your way and pick you up. Just let them help you. DO NOT shut yourself. Your heart will only cry in pain more, for lack of chance to love again. For lack of feeling special again. For lack of sleeplessness, being occupied every second with the thought of just one person. It will yearn for more love for revival. It will cry only and only to you until you throw it in unexpected hands who plays with it, caresses it, teases it, touches it, kisses it and makes it smile again.

Just, Jump and Fall. Fall in Love. Love for the sake of humanity. Love, Let Love in, Let Love talk. Let it act all crazy. Keep your logical bullshit away from it. It is a free bird. Let it fly. Let it dive. Let it flutter. Let it fall. Let it catch its flight. Just Love, because that is what keeps us close to our real selves. Keeps us human.

Love 'n' Peace.


With love, love and more endless unconditional mad free love.
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