Friday, December 31, 2010

In the Name of Love!

Exactly 365 days back, at this very moment, G and I were making love to each other. We kissed at 12 at the deck as fancy ships sailed and firecrackers filled the sky. We stopped the moment we saw the first cracker go in the air. We knew it was 12. It was what we were here for. We turned. Held each other lovingly and kissed. It was the sweetest kiss of all times. It was my first 'New Year's Kiss'. The quite candle light dinner and the long walk on the deserted roads of Panjim had set the mood. We got to our room and kissed. A New Year Bang was obvious, but that is not what followed. We got into the blanket to get cosy and switched to 'Sex and the City'. Without any further guesses, I finished the movie for the third time now and he was fast asleep. He always looked so peaceful and innocent, like many of us do, while sleeping. I kissed his cheek and whispered Happy New Year! He kind of woke up and we kissed. It was not the 'I will enter you, as the new year enters' thing as he joked, but a slightly delayed sex plan., which definitely was one of the most beautiful year beginnings I ever had (ofcourse not just the sex but everything.)

And that probably is my last happy memory of the year gone by. After which came a phase. A phase that I still can not explain to people, but all I realized after that was that I just dont need anybody or anything. All I needed was something I couldnt find or even know till the last day of the year. That phase led to probably one of the most bizarre break ups anyone may have seen. A perfect relationship breaking on the basis of it being too perfect? A partner's niceness being tested to such heights? I messed up. I screwed up with G. Sometimes I think, maybe all this mess was self created or uncalled for, but then I realize, what looks clean on the surface may not necessarily be clear in all corners. And my hidden closets had opened and poured out all the mess.

Amidst all this, I realized there was only one man I wanted to confide into. Only one man whom I wanted to pour my confusion out to. Probably I knew he would definitely hear or was it the comfort of a stranger you dont know that leads to such out pour? Or was it just this unknown beautiful friendship developing. Don't know about either, because what I did was something completely different. I would have never done that and probably will not repeat it too, but it was this LSL reader whom I began depending on. Meeting BG was rather natural, like meeting an old friend. People raised eyebrows, answered questions about his sudden appearance, to everyone around me. It was an awkward entrance in my life, according to others, since it happened just a few days after my break up. We met and all we spoke about was G and his stupid ex. We went on to become what we were meant to be, the greatest of friends.

BG, is undoubtedly the best thing that happened to me in 2010. He was a good decision. I met his friends, he met mine. It all fell naturally and it was so nice. I dont think I am going to come across another man in my life who is going to be such a mirror image of mine, as he is, and yes BG, you bloody well admit that too. :P I was with him, what I have never been, not even with G or anyone else in my life. I was completely emotionally dependent on him. And I guess that is what flooded my Twitter account. There was that phase when I was cranky, irritated and annoyed to the core to realize I could fall for this LOSER of a friend of mine. I hated myself, but hated him even more for getting this out of me. He just knows me too well to not have gotten it, anyway, and that was the first and the last time we spoke about it. Today, he is about to get married!

When I look back at this, I realized it was not 'falling' for him. It was just getting used to him. Just getting overtly dependent on him. It was the concern in his text during my pregnancy scare, it was the repeated 'we will take care of the situation' that calmed me down. It was indeed his stupidity that has helped me cope through the year in whatever little ways. I got screamed at by him for several things but this pregnancy scare was the worst of them all, the worst day of my life. It was nothing but the guilt of no protection.

2010, the year of my first One Night Stand. A massive fight at home. A stressful time at work. A room full of friends during the worst time of the year led to a drunken LSL in a at least known man's arms. My Best friend K, decided to stay over for two days, which ended in 5 weeks with her brother, his girlfriend(s), her boyfriend, his friends and my poor annoyed flatmates. Even thinking about that time makes my head spin and drop my jaw in awe of self as to how did I handle it all. Because between all of this were the 5 most important weeks of my year. That stress was dealt with day in day out. Coming back home was relaxing because of K's love, but not exactly peaceful and enough to prepare me for the next stressful day. Ofcourse, coming back home also meant more stress in terms of 'household stress'. Issues between my flatmates and my friends, issues between my two flatmates, issues between my friend and her boyfriend, her brother, their friends. I was lost. It was the craziest time of my life, which all came out that one night when all that was piled on decided to be drank away. And I drank like a maniac only to be held by RH, K's boyfriend's sexy friend. He was your typical hot uniform guy, with a NICE VOICE. *screams* (WTF? Its now when I look back at it, I realise he is hot. WTF was I thinking before that? His small cock?) Well so, drunken yours truly is kissing this hot man on the dance floor and next thing I remember is us driving to his place.

For some really odd reason, I remember K puking in his washroom, me settling her with her boyfriend and her drunken brother. I also remember RH and I moving to the balcony for a smoke and talking but I dont really remember the SEX PART! I know for sure it happened, cause I remember that feeling of having-sex-after-six-months-get-prepared-for it-to-hurt, and it just didnt cause it was THAT small. First One Night Stand and what a disappointment I swear! He was way better the next time when his 'thing' was not involved but yes some playing was. And strangely enough, I remember sleeping off immediately after the intercourse and he was trying to be all nice by cuddling and making conversation and I was SLEEP TALKING. The sweetest thing, he remember it all the next day and asked me about it and I gave him the weirdest look ever and just said 'Oh! I must have been sleep talking' and walked off. Gosh! Now, this sounds so bloody rude. But then, we met, spoke, messaged and flirted some times after that and then he sailed back. That was the end of the RH chapter.

As for the main chapter, K, that RH was a part of, was not a good chapter. A Best friend, I wanted to marry. We knew we would make a wonderful lesbian couple, but staying together didnt work out for us. Not for me, at least. Its a different thing being in love, and a different thing to live together. While I sobbed for days fighting with G cause we were sometimes still dealing with the break up and sometimes the RH topic came up, I knew who picked my hand and took me for a drive and saw the disinterest in the person I needed the most.

I did not see much of my family, hardly spoke to them, screwed up relationships in life, strengthened a few, identified some potential ones and remain confused about some. The year of ups and downs in all of my important relationships. The year when I not just swayed into the no-protection-one-night-stand territory (Bad Girl! *moves pointed finger*), but I got my FIRST BIKINI WAX too! *claps* IT FUCKING HURTS! And funnily, I have not had sex right after that. Considering I have had sex exactly TWICE in this year, its not that funny. But a bikini wax feels bloody good. Creams are out of the window, totally! Hope that did not get stolen? Yes! I am also dealing with a Kleptomaniac (I hope not!).

I found some genuine care, some genuine love, allot of misunderstanding, allot of patience, tolerance and so much more. I discovered my limits. I discovered myself. I took care of myself. I brokedown a several times. Sometimes there were arms around, mostly it was just my pillow and quilt. On the surface, the year was horrid, but I know it, this was the best year of my life, probably! I noticeably grew as a person. I made mistakes like a human. I felt the need of love in my life, for the first time. For the first time, I moved beyond others and questioned, Do they also love me as much as I love them? I got to know people better. I got to know strange politics better. I learnt to stay calm in a storm. I learnt to weep alone without hugs. I learnt to live without my daily 'Big Hug! Big Kiss' from G. I grew stronger. My illusion of a happy independent life is out of the window. Now, I am just ready for whatever comes my way. I am ready to take on this world, the last time I said it, I crumpled, this time, I shall hold my God's hand and walk. Hopefully my blog may not be directly proportionate to my sex life, the dying sex life last year almost killed my blog and this year there maybe NO SEX AT ALL (WTF!? *shakes head*), hope that doesnt dry up the blog though.

All I need is a smoke now. But Control and Balance shall be my resolution this year. Controlling my impulses and Balancing my emotion affected actions. Just want to learn to take it all with dignity and love. I shut my eyes tight and hold your hand, God, you are by the end of the day, my ONLY true love and there is nothing I can do without your love. Please continue to be there, right beside me, sticking to me, holding me like a lover who wouldnt let me go, this year too. If there is anyone who brushes my hair while I bury my face in my pillow, its you. I Love you, and this time I need you more than ever.

Love 'n' Peace.


P.S. - Have a healthy and beautiful year! Hugs!


sawan said...

bless u girl; wish u have a happy and fruitful year ahead. happy new year :)

Anonymous said...

2011's first cigarette, and that first blog post I read and felt so many emotions all in one go. Girl you have had quite a year. A big huggie that words needn't explain for you. You're soooo right in so many things you said. Moving on, one night stands aren't all that novel in experience! Small dick? Eww what a disappointment! The perfect guy with the most unexpected imperfection. Funnily enough I know the madness ensued. Baby and I started a relationship after, you know ;) And it makes me laugh now. Things we do when alone and in need or simply outta impulse!

Living together with best friends is almost like moving in with boyfriends - you never know what comes outta it! People are on their 'best' behavior but moving in changes all that. Nevertheless, we still love em but its an eye opener.

I wish you all the best things for 2011 that you deserve and more. Hopefully you'll have lots of sex cuz life sucks sometimes without carnal desires being fulfilled. There is something in being held and made love to. Whatever it is, for God's sake feed your blog - there are people who would like to read and interact with you - you hold an amazing charisma.

And girl, can you please come on gtalk a little more?

Love ya loads! Muah muah muah!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Oh my, it was quite an year. Well does sex matter? when its all about gratification?
Have a fabulous year ahead LSL, and bless you.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year

Aeish said...

Happy New Year girl..I loved the last paragraph :)

Scribbling Girl said...

Well I guess i knew a lot of wht I read here.....but remember u enjoyed too and that matters :D
May the yr 2011 prove to be blissful for u and i hope u write often i so so so miss reading for a change post and not delete posts

Happy new year gal and god bless u always

Love ya

Mwaaahz :)

Kenneth said...

Life's worth it because it's so inconsistent isn't it? I wish you all the things you wish for, for always...Big Hug, Big Kiss

Pesto Sauce said...

Wow what an amazing year for you

First the beginning...kissing on the dot...exciting. But as the year moved on I have to admire your strength, getting over a break-up is never easy and finding another is even tougher...but you did find solace somewhere and thats good

And you had a one night stand too! My take is that you will have good sex this year (never say never) and not just twice...keep it coming

Kisses to you for a wonderful 2011

Di` said...

that was a crazy year for sure! but glad it made you so strong ! you can face the world and that is an achievement! positive ending. goodgood.

what's the relation between sex and blogging!! blog away anyway na. 2 posts a month feel like a treat from LSL :)

a brilliant new year to you ! whatever happens, love you

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Sawan,

Thank you and I wish you the same.

God Bless!


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear R,

LOL. You truly are my girlfriend! I wish you have a great year and meet your guy more often and be held by him and made love to all the time!

Wishing you all the love and luck in this world.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Blasphemous,

Yes, it does matter to me. Sometimes its about love, and sometimes you just wanted. But definitely not from any and everyone. :P


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you and Same to you.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Aeish,

Thanks. :)


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear SG,

Thank you sweetheart. I still have no idea what would I do without you. you have really helped me through this. I Love you.

May this year be a memorable one for you.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Kenneth,

You just made my year, already.

Big Hug. Big Kiss. :D


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Pesto,

Thanks. You give me some hope. ;)

Hope you have a great year too. :)


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Di,

Yes, it has and that is why All is well, that ends well! ;)

Considering this year maybe dry, there should be no relation between the two. :P I will try and write as often as I can.

Love and Miss my Blog and Bloggers! :)

Wish you get married to R, this year! :)


aria said...

"All I needed was something I couldnt find"

- is the line I can relate to :)
that's some year you've had.. interesting people and even more interesting incidents..
wishing you a wonderful 2011 full of kisses ..

Ria said...

It takes a lot to come out abt all the follies that u hav committed. Kudos to u for being able to do that.

Happy new yr to u as well....and hope u get the much desired peace and love in life this yr and always.

Arjit Srivastava said...

I don't know what do I write as a comment on this post, seriously. It has been some time since I last read something like this. Phew, what modularization!

Your life is actually interesting! =)

PS: After 7 bloody months, I am going to follow a blog. Thank you! :)

Pranab said...

whoa ! what a writing !.. u seemed to just blurted out all ur heartfelt.. Wish u all the best !! :-)

Aditya said...

"A perfect relationship breaking on the basis of it being too perfect?"
Well I never thought this could happen to me too. But here it is - a relationship of three years and eight months trashed. Why? "Because the feelings had died out. We really dont know each other anymore. We have grown apart."
Things were so great together - but then such is life. Move on? What for? Try and win her back? Why on earth? Respect her? Sorry - Why should I?
Time to move on I guess. To where is the question. :)
PS: I love your posts and keep visiting back to read and re read because somehow i can identify with a lot of things that you say out there. And at the same times, there are a lot of things that baffle me - like this one. :)
Keep writing.

Romeo Das said...

Beautifully written. Have a beautiful year ahead. Enjoyed my stay here. Keep writing such beautiful posts! :)

Hope you enjoy reading my post too -
To hold you in my arms, to promise you my love!

Jack said...

L S L,

Feel sad at the way 2010 was for you. Hope and pray that 2011 is just the way you want it to be.

Take care

Scribbling Girl said...

BTW award waiting for u at my blog. Do visit :)

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