Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love is a Funny Game

"Were you expecting something?"
"YES! My Flowers!"
She laughed, "Your Black Roses have arrived."
She hung up.

"Oh my Fucking God!"
"What happened? Who called?"
"It was my sister. My flowers have arrived."
"Are they not late?"
"I was not here, remember? So, they are bang on time."
Cutting in, "And they are BLACK ROSES! FUCK! I can not get over that."
"Black Fucking Roses! Where did he find those?"
"I do not know and I do not care."
Drooling. Looking up.
"You know. I must have told him some random time of the day that I love and crave for Black Roses and Good Lord, FUCK! I don't believe he has sent me BLACK ROSES!"
"Lucky Bitch."

I run back home. The distance from P's house to mine seemed the longest that day. I just could not wait to get home and see what do my Black Roses look like? What is written in that little card?

I bang open the door to an irritating sister whom I had to chase, scream at and finally bribe for a movie to give me my hidden flowers. I find a beautiful bright bunch of Red and Yellow Roses. The thought of Black Roses had vanished. They were flowers from G. My first Valentines Day flowers. What more did I need. So what, if those flowers were begged for, from G ;). My sister thought it was cheap of me to ask him for flowers on our first Valentines. I did and I am not ashamed of it. :)

"You got my flowers?"
Panting, "Yes."
"Do you like them?"
Still panting, "Yes."
"You sound disappointed."
"I traveled, ran and screamed too much for these flowers. The excitement is going but I love them."
I assured him. He understood.

I wake up to those flowers everyday. They are kept right up on my head. The first thing I see when I shut and open my eyes are the yellow and red roses protruding out of the vase.

He thinks, we women find happiness in very small things. True. All women I know love the small things more. In fact, this one friend of mine is showered by expensive gifts at least 5 days a week. She hates it. She has actually started throwing his gifts away. It is easier to please women than it seems. My sister proved it to me in a big way today.

She was on a verge of a serious divorce. This issue was not taken too seriously by neither her husband nor her in laws, despite my parents getting involved. She had all the reason to leave him and never go back. It is never about a mistake when we break relationships but about natures. Unfortunately, he has some serious problems, which we could all see.

"He is coming tonight."
"So, finally after three months he thinks he should come here and ask you to come back?"
She smiles. She has defended him all through her 7 years of marriage with this smile.

They talk all night. They talk all through the day.

"L, I do not feel anything. I know what I want. I thought, his face would make me doubt my decision, but no. It just does not. And I am happy. I do not want to go back."

Mom goes to talk to him and is out of the room in no time, sobbing. She could not see his 'Sorry face'. Momssss.

By the evening, we are expecting him to leave.
"I think I want to give him another chance."
I look her straight into the eye, questioning why?
"L, I am a God fearing person. I do not want God questiong me, Why did I not give this man ONE chance. Maybe he will change....
I have never seen him cry like this before. He is promising he will change. I want to try. I do not want to regret later that I did not give him any chance."
"You are doing this for yourself or God?"
She stands looking at me waiting I would react in a more expressive way. I am too shocked to do that. She sits bside me.
"I want you to try and like him too."

She knows I do not like him. I have had a disgusting past with him, where he has felt me. Not once, but many times, despite the warnings, untill last year when I yelled at him in front of my sister. He managed to convince her that I was assuming and misunderstanding it all. Anyway. Fuck that.

"I will try, just as I did in the last 7 years."
"That was faking. I want you to really try. He genuinely considers you as his sister."
This was our second uncomfortable long silence. The first, when just to make it easier for her and end the matter I accepted that I maybe assuming about her husband. The second was again in his favor.

"To be honest. I do not find your decision right."
"I know. I can see it all over your face."
"I fail to understand how can this decision taken in minutes be stronger than the decision taken in years?"
She expects me to understand and I assure her that I will.
"I will be happy, when I see you happy."
We end it there. Mom is happy because she thinks he deserves another chance on human grounds.

They all go out for a movie.

I stay at home. Speak to G. He sings for me. Coaxes me to tell him what is wrong, but I do not feel like talking about it. Its something that is making me think.

Am I someone who is always encouraging people to break off their relationships?

Every time I see P unhappy, I tell her to walk out of her relationship. I was the first one to support and encourage my sister to take this big decision. I have always believed, if you are not happy in a relationship, move out. Do not make a joke out of it by dragging it on some silly grounds. I have encouraged break ups and divorces for one reason and that is to make them believe that 'it is alright to move on and choose a happy life for yourself.' But, am I wrong? Am I, the one taking rash and harsh decisions of breaking up a relationship? (even if it is for ohers) It makes me go crazy. I do not want to be responsible for encouraging people to break up. I just want to encourage people to love themselves and be happy.

She asked, "If G asked you for a second chance, would you give it to him?"
"Depends on how much has he hurt me?"
"I agree. Yet?"
I did not answer. I knew my answer. I would not.

He called. We spoke. He sang to me. Narrated some stupid Pineapple joke, just to make me laugh. I would.

I love G so much that I would give in to the demands of my heart and give him another chance if he'd hurt me to the extent of a break up. And just then, I hear a door bell, as if my moment was being filmed for a Bollywood Feature.

"It is a courier for you."
It is from G. There is my Valentines Goody Bag. A pair of beautiful earrings, I can not wait to wear for him. Two DVDs he had promised he would send me. A box of heart shaped dark chocalates which I was praying for just a minute back to help me stop the unstoppable tears. And my Valentines Day card, which said, "we are fucking good tiogether." We are.

Love is funny. When they come back from the movie. I will help her believe that I accept her decision. Though I desperately pray she sees a far better future with him, now. And lives happily ever after.

I Love you G. No matter how hard I tried keeping you away from my troubled state. You were there to make me feel good, in the form of flowers, songs, cards, chocalates and in thought.

Thank you God. I Love you. Happy Valentines Day to all of you! Special V Day Hugs and Kisses.

Love 'n' Peace.



Kenneth said...

I pray that the 2nd Innings plays out well for your sister.

PS - Happy Valentines Day.

Somehow I think that if it's only the "little" things that matter to women then "Archies" and "Hallmark" stores would never exist. Just a thought.

Dipti said...

how adorable of him :)

and yeah, only when we are truly in love we can understand why people do what they do when they are in love..your relationship helps you understand your sis even better..

i hope everything goes great for her now! and for you too

black roses! spray paint over one of the red ones

Anonymous said...

darn i missed the marathon :)
but i m glad u r back!!
it wasnt the same without you and your spirits!!!

Randeep said...

ya u love breaking relationships :p But in us sis's case i think u r right.. Hmmm let's see how his last chance goes.. Hope she will be happy. so u.. I love reading ur posts because there s a lot of real facts in it.. which others wont tell or dont know how to express.. Keep it up....


The Rat... said...

:-) am happy for u,lady...

plz take care of ur sister.. i suppose she ll get hurt again soon...

y oh y, we women are so easy to please... :(

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Kenneth,


Same to you. :)

Small things also include, cards, chocolates, rings, earrings, etc, etc. We women strongly believe in 'Good things come in small packages', except for the cock sizes. ;)


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Dipti,

Very true, D. I hope so too. :)

LOL. I know. But I do not want to spoil the 'real' thing. :)


Luscious Sealed Lips said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Americanising Desi,

I love your new name. :)

Never mind. Hope to see you next year. :)

Thanks. It feels so good to be back. Missed you all.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Randeep,

Ouch! That was hard hitting.

I do not know. I hope she remains happy and does not compromise with happiness.

Thanks. :)


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear The Rat,


I hope not.

Seriously, 'why oh why'? It irritates when you reflect upon it.


Karthik Murali said...

its not a big mistake to advise ppl to come out of a relationship and move on, if u really felt they 'll suffer big time if they actually went ahead in the relationship

so in a way , its kinda a nice thing wat u doing , or wat u perceieve to be doing.
cos ur jus saying wat u feel to be the right thing to do.

anyways , in my case , jus have an exception , and allow me to see her na :)
u know wat i mean rite ? :P

Dr. Internet said...

Nice. Keep blogging!


Dipti said...

@ Ken : archies and hallmark are full of ONLY SMALL (but adorable and meaningful) THINGS!! hehehehhe

they matter a lot! i always check out stuff at archies (earrings, pendants) from a 'boyfriend's' point of view.. like, wow - this pendant would look so good on dipti.. heh heh

sawan said...

maybe we could comment about a break up only after going through it. it looks simpler from a third person's eye.. maybe when you feel it, you would feel like giving him/her a second chance. But again, there are limits.. and i gues he crossed the limtis a lil too far :( my wishes for ur sister.. let her re claim her life and be happy.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Karthik,

I do not know. Just have become so unsure of my advices, now.

Do whatever makes you happy. It is the best way to look for answers.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Dr. Internet,

Thank you.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Dipti,


So true. I do that in allot of stores. Imagine my guy taking me out for shopping and he would buy me this this this and that 'small' thing. ;)


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Sawan,

I guess you are right. We really can not comment unless we have been in the same place before.

Limits are set by us. For different people there are different limits. :)


Onthewingsofadream said...

I guess every relationship goes through ups and down ..the aahhh moments n the uhhh moemnts ( do i get u thinking ) ...there are ti9mes when you know you should try , fight , cry , kiss and make up ..and then there are times you should let it go ...break up and be happy ever after ...

belated V day ...:-)

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