Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Happy Luscious!

I hate weekdays. Hating and loving this one equally. Weekdays mean no talking to G at length and this one is also good because my sister is over for a week, which equals to full day of outing and sisterly bonding. This week seems to be bad because my mother is losing it as well. She is just going crazy over EVERYTHING - Weight, Curd, my new shopping, me treating my cousins, how i handle my money, how i behave with her, G!, my dirty feet, my nail biting habit, my face full of pimples, probably she is going crazy about the fact that the pigs outside our house are nowhere to be seen too. Huh. Sigh! Whats up with her? She is not even getting 'old'. She has lived only 46 years of her life but lived as a married woman for THIRTY out of those forty six, of which more than 50% were spent away from her husband.

Like the typically nice daughter in law she left a comfortable living and her husband, with her two daughters only to face a tougher life with the typical mother-in-law. I met my father only for 30 days every fucking year during my growing years. It pains me still to have missed the pleasures of being pampered by a father, getting scared of him at times, facing his strictness, etcetra. Such sadness prevails only at times of serious emotional retrospect. I would not have been what I am today, if I would have been brought up by my father too. Maybe a spectacled software engineer aiming for Harvard with scholarship, is what I would have been. Sigh. I am so happy to be me - Independent, Strong, Individualistic, Sexy, Confident, Intimidating, Honest. It is good to be real. Thanks Mom! Kisses.

Though, today, she regrets having nurtured me into someone who is too exposed. My career plans scare her. "Look R! Do not fly too high..."
"What do you mean by that? It is my career. I will take it where I want to."
"Look. You must remember you are a girl and you have responsibilities."
This reminds me of the day when I overheard my father, not too long ago, talking to his sister say,
"She is not performing very well in her studies... I am not expecting too much from her, career wise. She is a girl. But I want her to have a decent post graduation degree. She has to marry, ultimately."

These words still trouble me. I guess it comes free with the non understanding relationship my father and I share, and comes naturally to this generation of parents who are struggling with their conservative upbringing and our broadly growing thought processes. I feel sad for these parents. They are torn from between, with what they were taught on one side and what we say on the other.

Luscious is happy because she has not let anything affect her. Ignorant and Indifferent. Luscious can not more proud and happy about anything, than to be herself. Luscious apologizes for not being regular because she is low. She is sad. She is missing G terribly after her trip. G and Luscious have completed four months today. No! Luscious and G do not celebrate every month but definitely count when will they reach their first anniversary. Sounds silly but everything is fun and logical when in love.

It is surprising but G and I have not had phone sex since I came back. We will. Soon. We have not been able to relax and talk for a while. He is busy and so am I, in poles apart different ways.

At 09:30 a.m.

"Good Morning. Reached Office?"
"Yes. You sound awake!"
Please give me two tickets. Center corridor, please.
"What movie are you going for?"
"Look at the irony. You go to work early in the morning everyday and I go for movies."
"Yes. I am noticing."
"For what?"
"G! We complete..."
"Oh! yes... Hahaha... Congratulations.... Enjoy yourself. I have some work."
"Thank you. Have a good day. Take care."

I love you G. You pull me out of everything. You make me feel so amazing all the time. I am dying to hug you. Kiss you. You are the best man on this planet. The man in my life! Maybe, before my father too. (I love my father, but that is natural love. The one that a daughter has for her father and vice versa. We share no understanding or growing love that comes with spending time and living together. Now, I guess, it is a little too tough.) Luscious loves everyone dearly and genuinely, anyway.

Love 'n' Peace.

Some more kisses.


Kenneth said...

It's difficult because our Parents have lived in a generation half way between "the ideal society" and the "individualistic society". It is for you to convince them about your career.

Your dad's eventually away so you so you stay at home and live peacefully, strange irony no?

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Kenneth,

Lol. Yes.

Thank you.


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