Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sexy Saturday

After creating the blog, I slept at 5 in the morning. I think of trying but I just know I can not go to my gym in the morning, instead am woken up by a call at 9:30 am,
"I want to fuck you."
"Are you alone?"
"Can I please call you back in 5-10mins.?"
"I am exploding!"
"O.K. 5!!"

Hang up, wide awake.... no one in the room. Check the bathroom. Open the room door.... Mom is in the kitchen, downstairs. Seven mins later I call. G sounded like he'd shook in the mean time, but was still keen, probably because he thought I was keen. Well... I actually was not... I was in deep sleep instead. I was horny last night and I planned to surprise him, instead he called and said, "I called to say good night... I am really tired." It is a fucking Friday night and my guy wants to sleep instead of talking dirty to his girl...Sigh! Anyway, we had some okay-ish phone sex... Don't think I came, he did...(again...was it? did not bother to ask) The room door began to knock immediately...Perfect timing...we were done by then...pretended to be sleeping to my maid and called G back. This time HE was asleep..."Sorry babe... I am getting great sleep after this... I don't get to sleep for so long throughout the week." Ofcourse, the angel that I am, I let him enjoy his Saturday with sex and sleep.

Phone rings

"R! What do you think I should do? L and I had a major fight. He does not even want to see my face."
"What happened?" Concerned... Did they fight over L's penis size? S says it is as small as her ring finger... She did not have sex with him again after the first time. Now, she thinks they need to give it time before regular sex begins. (It is just she finds it too small, specially compared to her ex.)
"Ah! Nothing... It was something extremely trivial... He has not started going to his gym. He paid for it two weeks back."
Continuing..."Should I get him flowers?"
"Hand picked."
"But I am in the middle of a deserted road..."
"Stick a note on his bike with a sweet mess on it..."
"YES!! I love you... Buh Bye!", with an audible smile.
What are friends for

After an hour, they still had not patched up. As the wizard of the group, asked hr to let the situation be for a while. Then I called L, spoke with him...cheered him up...he complained...I took his side (it really works!)...we happily hung up.

Called him again after 30 mins. "See me at CCD in 10 mins."
"I'll see..."
"No! I never ask you to come anywhere like this... You will say no to me now!?"
"What are we meeting for?"
"Because....I want to meet you... simple."
"15 mins.?"

P and S have been waiting for me at CCD for the past 15-20 mins already. After having called L, I go for my shower with a smile. I feel like a true angel after having set up a surprise for S. Leave home with a warning from mom to be back at 3 because she has to go somewhere.

Reach CCD, happy to see them cuddling. P, as usual is messaging and calling her fuck-all guy. None of us like B, P's guy. He treats her sadly, never has time for her, breaks all the promises, never makes her feel special, is unromantic but has a libido lasting for weeks (horny dog! huh...), misleads P, makes her feel terrible, makes her cry, makes her sad, blames her for everything easily because he is a pro at that and P actually gets convinced. What a miss-goody-to-shoes bitch! She gives in too much in the relationship, including self respect. That's the last thing a woman should EVER do! Let the man be what he is called, A DOG! (BTW, women LOVE dogs... ;) )

So, all is cool between S and L, now. I am not being credited for it because P claims they patched up before L arrived. Huh... wtf... fine... they must have! But atleast... acknowledge! I 'tried' doing something nice for friends...huh... Maybe P is jealous... she is always the miss-goody-to-shoes doing all the good and angelic deeds like patching up and this time it wasn't her...aargghh... its just... come on ...acknowledge my efforts guys!! :x

S and L leave to meet some friends and P and I get down to doing what we love. Discuss G,B and sex over chicken sandwich. S joins us after a while. We talk...we laugh...we bond...we discuss(very important)...and we leave to SHOP!!

S wanted to buy a sexy nightdress. (I guess her 'lets give it time before regular sex' is over. See this is what big fights do... make a relationship stronger...She has fallen in love with him again, this time more deeply and is ready to compromise on the size. Actually, she was also being hopeful after L came twice while they were just making out and having oral sex.
I am sure, S is among the 2% who are always turned on. "I see myself in Samantha", came from the horses'(mare's, to be gender accurate) mouth.
) And I wanted to buy a sexy lacy bra for my best friend K. I bought myself two, two weeks back because I am going to see my boyfriend next weekend. It is a long distance relationship, and I love it this way. Infact, K and I are going together, her boyfriend is in the same city. We are going crazy with excitement! We will be travelling together for the first time! Wuhoo!! She also thinks, I have finally grown up, because G is my first 'proper proper' boyfriend and I was considered among the 2% who are asexual. Thank God G happened! Sigh!

Anyway, and so... S found a sexy lace pink short nightdress which also had the matching string tying pantie. Damn! I've always wanted those panties... Yes! Even when I was asexual. Expensive, low on cash, borrow from friends! We now move to the other shop from where I have to get K's bra. I told her that will be her B'day gift, it is in some days. She said she wanted something in bright pink, got her something absolutely different. I love that color and I know it will look hot on K. (Remember we are best friends, not lesbians!) That is how well we know each other. She is my soul! God! I love her!! Kisses!

While checking out other stuff, they HAVE those string tied panties...Yeaaa!! They 'also' have the black lace pantie. In a fix! Shit! "Which one girls?" P came to my love...angel...(she really is an angel :) ) "Black! This will look better on our sizes" Ouch! I hate this size business! But with an obese body, you have limited choices! Gggrrr.... The world is getting heavier by the day, yet limited stuff for the larger population of the world...the obese community :(

P on the phone again... Sometimes I feel I spend much better time G by being miles away than P spends with B in spite of being in the same city. They fight! (hahaha... I love it! The invisible horns come out!) B is not meeting P, tomorrow, AGAIN! (Because he is a B=Bastard!) Because he has work! Self claimed Work-a-holic, L is his friend and tells us 'he does nothing!' I knew it! >>punch the palm<<

So, P is fighting and S n I hear her say "Now B, that is an insult!" Phew! Thank God she found something offensive! S and I looked at each other, smiled. I pass th bottl of 7-up we are sharing to P and say, "Last sip for a handsome husband." (B has a reciding hairline!) She repeats that to B. He gets pissed. They hang up. P upset. We smiling! (Bitches...yes we know! the horns grow in size ;) )

"P!", screaming for her to come back. She is literally storming away.
"No! Let me go home... You guys carry on."
"Alright we will. But what happened?"
"He nevr has time to meet me.... blah blah blah bla bah ba b.....">>eeyyaawwnn<<
"P! Do you mind acting pricey?"
"No ya! I can't"
"Hang up on him!"
"No! He does not like it!"
"Like, you like the way he talks to you.... (That asshole was free today, doing nothing, and when P asked him to meet her, he said 'Now I am not that free' WTF! Bastard, isn't it?) Give it to him when he deserves it..."
S with her helmet on all ready to drive off her bike, "Look at us... Act pricey! ;) "
Now! was really the time. It was just perfect!
"P.... I'll be blunt honest... on your face I am telling you... the day is not far when you will lose your self respect completely (Though I already think, she has.)"
In confused disbelief, as if her sub conscious was agreeing, "You really think so?"
S n I, simultaneously, "YES!"
Shit! Yes Yes Yes! This is working! She looks convinced now! Big grins!
Adding drama, "You will lose respect among friends too."
She ofcourse has a hint that we are not too fond of her undeserving love interest.
And P leaves with agitation, "I will abuse him all my way back."
Way to go, girl!
We are oh-so-happy! Dying to call N and U and inform them immediately. S n I left to meet L, again. After gossiping and eating alot at his bakery, I realise it is past 4. Missed call from mom. I have crossed my deadline. I call and the tone says 'I am screwed', content says 'You are done'. She had left home, locked. Fuck! I ran... I was approx 50 mins. away from home. Ran, literally. Thankfully I knew where she was going, called so that I could pick the keys. She was mad... I'd like to believe angry because she was not answering my calls. Frantically called my aunt, who was with her. Passed on the mess, got the keys, finished the work she has asked me to do and got home. Sigh!

Home Alone! Trying my new sexy night dress with the new lingerie. The thought of what would follow when I wear this for G next week, gets me excited. I call. Role Reversal. "G! I want you to fuck me!"
"What are you wearing?" (His fav. question and for the first time I was dying to answer it)
"I can not keep secrets from you. I bought a purple satin night dress and a lace bra with a black lace pantie."
"Fuck! I knew you had bought new lingerie, the way you were talking in the past days."
We have great phone sex. We talk, finally! I crib about how I wanted to surprise him but ruined it. He is super cute, says he will still be surprised. :) I love him, completely!

I get online. Mom is back. SHE IS REALLY ANGRY! She thinks I am misusing my freedom... Alright... considering I am going away to see my boyfriend with out telling her...YES I AM! But otherwise... alright okay... She really does not ask me to do much for her and today if she asked me to come back on time... I should have... but I honestly did not realise the time until she called... :( I am feeling bad and I am also scared... I have to leave next week... I do not want to upset her :(

I love her alot! She is God to me! Kisses Momma!

Kisses to you too from Luscious Sealed Lips! <>

Love 'n' Peace!


Crazy Diamond said...

hey Luscious

loved the post.

i am in a LDR too. i know exactly how irritating it is when your guy wants to sleep on the weekend night and not talk dirty!! me and my guy had a fight last Saturday because of the same reason and since then i have been an angel to him too - not trying t keep him up late. Craaap. i will be back to my ways.

Why does your friend not dump B? will be fun! he seems to be an asshole. maybe she loves him too much NOW but she will realize it. soon hopefully!

have fun when you meet G. Jog for a week to look even sexier in the sexysightdress ;)

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Crazy Diamond,

Thank you!

Lol... Yes be back because I would need company there too (winks!)

Because my friend is 'blinded by love'. I want to slap her out of it!

Good... I will try and hit my gym regularly, atleast! That might help, if not the ever increasing diet... :(



bold and sexy realllyy....


Kenneth said...

y does a strawberry look more tantalizing wen grazing against the lips of a woman?

PS - I'm SURE he'l still be "suprised", it's not what you wear, it's YOU.

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Kenneth,

It is sexy.

That is extremely sweet of you.

Kisses :)

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Rinzu,

Thank you!


Dan* said...

nice blog !

I prefer saturday over sunday because can have fun only at saturday night.

My mom lways need to tell her where am i going when will be back home etc...

I think every mom should be like this :)

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Dan,

Saturday late nights = Lazy late Sunday afternoons.

Moms are cute, any which way. They should just be moms.


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