Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chaotic Peace

Bad Dreams come to us all. We all wake up in the middle of the night to look around for comfort. To take us in our arms and calm our fears down. Why do bad dreams scare us so much? Because it is in your sleep that your conscience fully awakens, answering all your questions in semiotic forms. Mine do too.

"Tell me"
"Nothing. Just wanted a Hug then."

CT is still missed. He still fucks my head. I still wait for my phone to beep to see his name flash. He is missed. But not longed. Maybe not loved either.

Funny, how we wish for someone in our lives just to boost our self esteems. Funny how we want them just to comfort ourselves with a thought of having someone. You may not want them, yet you do, for reasons that are complex. That someone for me is CT.

When CT happened, I knew exactly what this was. I knew it will end with a kiss at the break of dawn. We continued to act all mushy, staying in touch. Flirting. Loving. That too came to an end with unsettling emotions and conversations. Sometimes it feels like it vanished in a whiff. Maybe it did, but why did I not feel a jerk. Instead, I felt anger. Anger at being rejected like this. Anger at not getting an upper hand. Anger at not getting a chance at massaging my ego. But then, when have I?

In all the past months, of all the men have come and gone, I have been the door mat. I have been the foolish one hoping to make it work, even when I actually did not want to. Probably because I wanted a stable relationship more than the person.

No point in self victimizing and lying to yourself. Lets face it - In the deepest and darkest of the corners of my heart what it all was. It was all a sham. They all, just temporary comforts. There is indeed a comfort, a morale boost in being longed. In being wanted, but not giving. That piece was missing. As much as I wanted to reach that stage, I ended up being on the other end. Or at least making them believe so.

All of these men probably think I long for them, when I do not. All of these men would probably think at some point in their lives, I loved them (or at least I hope they do), when I did not. Love, my friend, is a funny game.

So many of you said in the last post, I need a change. A new set of friends. A new city. I too thought that would do the trick, but not until you make those minor changes in self. Everybody in Every city are the same, if you are. And everybody in the same city change, if you do.

I have spent too much time looking for love, finding some awesomely wrong ones, made some terrible mistakes. Felt used, hurt, special, cheated and more, all in the meanwhile. But this is part of the process. It is what takes you closer to what you really have and value it.

Unlike all these men, G is home. Times when I really look for a clue if 'true love' and 'stability' exist, all I do is shut my eyes and bury myself in G's arms. G is where I find true comfort. G is home. Its now I understand why I broke up with G. To really know and understand what I had. And luckily, I have not lost.

"Are you officially dating that girl from your office now?"
"No. But we go out."
"Then date her no, dumb-dumb."
"No point. Her parents are looking for boys for her. Plus I have no intentions of marrying for another 5-6 years."
"Oh! So if I do not find anybody after 5-6 years, I can still flirt with you."
"Ofcourse! You are THE WOMAN in my life."

How stupid was I to let this man slip who would be around, holding me, stabilizing me, loving me, encouraging me, holding my hand even when his body and mind are completely occupied by the television set in front of his eyes. This is love. This is a relationship. I have never ever even been able to imagine a life like that with any other man. The thoughts have never gone beyond your typical teenage love dreams. Maybe a little more when it came to BG and CT. BG was too good a friend to question any comfort. It was easy to think of comfortable times with him because he was a great friend. CT, guess it was the timing. The peak of desperation to get out of the mess that all other men created and finding love in that stranger. But the truth is, CT was never comfort. BG was the comfort, you find in friends. G, is home!

Now, why would I not get back to G?

Its simple, actually. He is that one man I would never want to hurt in my life. He is that only man who has earned my respect and trust through and through. I would not do ANYTHING on this planet to fuck with his head ever again. I have done that enough. Not again.

I truly love him for what he is. And I respect him, more than anything else. What if I change my mind? What if an external factor makes it difficult? Just, what if it is not to work out again? Then, what? My relationship with G is so special to me that I would not want it loosing its real essence with a second chance. Like an awesome movie fucking it up with a squeal. G is special. And to treasure it and have it all my life, I will save it under a secret place, where no one can find it. I Love you G. (I had not said that in so long!)

Now, my current status on Love, Sex and Relationships?

Love - May or May not happen. No hurry, any more. No point looking cause you only end up finding the wrong ones. The right one will walk upto you just be alert enough to recognize it.

Relationships - They do not just happen. They need hard work from both ends. You are only ready for it when you are willing to trust, love and share a life. Maybe I am not ready for that yet.

Sex - Oh! How badly I should be getting laid right now. And ofcourse ask the man to fuck off after I have orgasmed. (Ego Boost? Remember?)

I have found my peace in this chaos. You would not know what peace is, till chaos comes. You would not know what love is, till hurt and rejection happen. You will not know what sex is, till you have had a long dry spell.

Am I back? Or Am I back? My Lovelies, I throw my arms at you for a BIG HUG and a BIG KISS. (Like G and I always said. ;))

Love 'n' Peace.


P.S. - I am not going to stop looking around. I am not going to stop making the mistakes I have. I am going to live, learn and have fun. I am not going to attach myself to anybody just because I need that 'comfort'. And you understand this only after you have discovered what you were actually looking for.


Lady Whispers said...

That one LOVE...sigh
Off late its coming back to me too...but then they are somehow gone....

Wish I could find peace like u do.....never happens with me....just a mess I end up in everytime...sigh

Glad ur be here more often >:D< hugggies :)


sawan said...

:) now tht the clouds have gone, hopefully i wud seee u around more often and with a smile :)

T-REX said...

I'm glad i came back to your your blog. makes me happy to know i'm not the only one going through an inordinate number of break ups and fuck ups. Your writing is a delight as always.

Kenneth said...

Love is so damn transient and above all, glad you have that...glad I have that too :)..BIG HUG and a BIG KISS

Blahblaholic ♥ © said...

Awwww =)
You know, that part about not wanting to hurt him again and all, touched my heart.
That's really sweet.
And damn glad you're back. =D

Aditya said...


sulagna ™ said...

ohh you are soo back my girl..i dont know what is chaos..but one thing i know damn are one super awesome woman, and a man who looses you, is in for soem selfhelp and therapy :)

big hug coming your way love !!

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Lady Whispers,

One day, you will find your peace too. Just look hard enough, within.


Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear Sawan,

I hope so too. :)



Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Dear T-Rex,

Thank you.

You and I are also not the only ones. ;)


Whuaat? said...

You're not alone honey, you're not alone!

Do keep writing. It's my first time here. Hoping to read lots more :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Love, sex and relationships are all interlinked. Have sex with someone you love, it will be amazing (else it sucks, ask me who has paid for it twice) and when you are enjoying sex with someone you love,a relationship forms

RiĆ  said...

Totally agree with what Pesto has said and i second that. Hoep u find what u r looking for. God bless!!

Jack said...

L S L,

Wish you all the best to find your love soon. You deserve a loving & caring partner.

Take care

Aditya said...

Already waiting for the next post!

girish kohli said...

U Ass...

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